Double Trouble (#Wattys2016)

Double Trouble (#Wattys2016)

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Damon and Damien Heart are identical twins. They are Seniors in high school and are the epitome of the "Boys Next Door". With looks, charm and brains on their side they make the female population drop their panties with their mischievous smile.

Natalia Cruz just moved to California from Miami with her mom who is starting a new job. Moving next to the Heart family, she's befriended by Juliet Heart, the twins younger sister. Warning her brothers to stay clear of their new neighbor they promise to. But will they keep their promise once they see how she looks like?

"Natalia, we need to know." Damien stares at her, his brown chocolate eyes boring into hers.

"Know what?" she asks confused.

The twins look at each other and nod.

"We need to know if you will be ours." Damon says grabbing her hand.

"I can't be with the both of you." she looks in between them surprised.

The twins chuckle and lean into her. "That's too bad, because we share everything...and you baby girl, are no exception."

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Niggas getting triggered and it's only a damn Book!!😂😂
                              Get out of here with that Headass-ery 
                              It not that damn serious😂
ZaynieBear ZaynieBear Apr 04
That’s not fuckin funny tbh I would’ve cut both their dîcks off they’re disrespectful little fûcks
Dark_Sakura Dark_Sakura Mar 26
He thinks of you as a slut too honey.... Stop bring delusional
Amarie365 Amarie365 May 03
There's no way my mom woulda been that cool. She'd be like, I just made a LASAGNA so you better stay home and we're going to hAVE DINNER LIKE A FAMILY!!.
Desi623 Desi623 Jan 12
I dunno why but when i see. ?! I always think they are yelling
Artemis206 Artemis206 Dec 09, 2017
Ya lucky human.... With good taste too, especially bc u like Shawn