Dragon Rider from Another World [A Kingdom Hearts and HTTYD Crossover]

Dragon Rider from Another World [A Kingdom Hearts and HTTYD Crossover]

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Book one in the Kingdom Hearts Crossover Series.

Xehanort has been defeated. Their main threat gone, Sora, Donald, and Goofy explore the worlds, taking on quests in an attempt to counter Heartless attacks everywhere. But on one particular world, the land of Berk, they will soon find that their journey is far from over...

New allies, new enemies. New dreams, new heartbreaks. The journey has only just begun...

I do not own any characters from How to Train Your Dragon, Kingdom Hearts, or Disney in general. They are property of their respective companies, Disney, Square Enix, and DreamWorks Animation.

Amazing cover by @PikaGirl260. Please check out her profile!

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Gwaedhil Gwaedhil Jul 04, 2017
This is gonna be interesting. I wonder what'll happen if Sora meets Hiccup.
dragonfire535 dragonfire535 Nov 30, 2015
I will. A new one will be up tomorrow! And these have always been my favorite video game and my favorite movie so I thought "Why not combine them?"
JaninneSudjatmiko JaninneSudjatmiko Nov 30, 2015
yes! my favorite things in a fanfic : HTTYD and Kingdom Hearts! please make new chapters!