Three 'G's and an 'A'

Three 'G's and an 'A'

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EmotionlessPsychopath By LoveMe_ImFab Updated May 24

In a world of soulmates, most people have a single person they're destined to. But what if someone has three names written on their wrist? 
Some say three is a crowd, but what about four?
The child genius.
The anime fanatic.
The famous actor.
The awkward dork.
The question isn't: will they work out? No, soulmates are destined to work.  The question then becomes: how will they fit each other's quirks into a stable and loving relationship?

*The characters and story is completely mine and I would greatly appreciate if you didn't steal it. This story is copyrighted.*

~ on hold ~

I would really enjoy if he totally looses control and starts making out like crazy with his soul mate
What? Noooooo, Seran sweet. I will be your mate god I wish I was your soul mate. That is just, wow.
This is me talking to new (that's a first) people about anime or video gamea
I watch anime depending my mood.
                              If I'm feeling emo I watch Elfen Lied
                              If I'm feeling happy I watch Soul Eater 
                              If I'm feeling sad I cry over reruns of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul.
                              But I mostly just watch 
                              junjou romantica and love stage
                              why I'm even talking about this again?
Don't you mean aye sir 😂😂😂 sorry I'm such a anime freak
Me all my life until I throw up 
                              But that does not mean I stop