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(adj.) won•der•wall

someone you find yourself thinking about all the time; a person you are completely infatuated with

It started with one party and a wall. And it continued with one sober boy, and one sober girl who ended up being two geeks who fell in love.

fake_society fake_society Aug 02, 2016
Yessssssss!!!!!! Or as riley would put it yeeeeeeeyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keerthu0804 keerthu0804 Jul 04, 2016
i dun wanna sound rude but hey, don't we all hafta admit that riarkle is 100× better than Smarkle?? xx
queenrowbrina queenrowbrina Mar 05, 2016
*silently cries in the corner bc Farkle has a gf and it's not riley*
floralucaya floralucaya Mar 28, 2016
i watched half of it and then it crashed *i was watching it on an app*
mayashoney mayashoney Jun 27, 2016
I'm rereading!!cause I LOVE this book!ITS MY FAVORITE RIARKLE BOOK!!💗☺😁
floralucaya floralucaya Mar 28, 2016
dun dun da da da da dun dun da da da da *causally sings star wars*