When Mr. Mayor Will Ever Notice Me (Isabelle x Mayor)

When Mr. Mayor Will Ever Notice Me (Isabelle x Mayor)

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kittyreader896 By kittyreader896 Updated Jan 03, 2017

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Everyday, I sit in the town hall,
Waiting for you to walk through the door.
And when you do, I sit up tall,
And continue to wait forevermore.

I wait for you to ask about citizen satisfaction,
Though I know you're busy with Tom Nook,
While you guys go into calculating fractions,
All I have is this book.

Oh Mr. Mayor, when will you see,
How much you mean to me?
All I want is to see your smile,
And for you to hold me in your embrace for a while.

I know you'd never fall
For a clumsy pup like me,
But it's still worth a try
Even if it will only happen in my dreams.

In the peaceful world of Animal Crossing, every day is a new day. In the little town of New Leaf, anything is possible... 

But is it possible for the confident, caring mayor to fall for the absent minded, clumsy secretary? 

Join Isabelle on her journey to her beloved mayor's heart as she tries to win over her brown-haired boss.