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Lose Your Sanity With Me | Eyeless Jack X Reader

Lose Your Sanity With Me | Eyeless Jack X Reader

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Tamaki Senpai By phantom_heir09 Updated Aug 19, 2016

After breaking up with your boyfriend for trying to do things to you, you storm out of the house and run. 
The shady part of town is not safe and you quickly decide to cut through the forest. You hear screams, you hear cries. Even though it is a human's instinct to call for help, you can't understand why their insane blood curtailing cries make you drown in pleasure. 
You meet Eyeless Jack who is painfully stabbing a women, stealing her kidneys as you hide behind a tree watching him gorge the girl open. As he noticed you without even turn around you reveal yourself start to laugh inside... And laugh more and more at the sight you just see. 
"Come with me," He says. 
Are you ready to Lose Your Sanity?

Firstly, going into the woods is not the best idea Reader
                              Secondly, how does screaming sound like talking Reader?
                              Thirdly, you're stupid Reader :D
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 17
I just started this and it is very dark so as I was reading this specific part I kept checking behind me and at my door and window continuously... lol now it just started to get brighter so I was rlly relieved.............
                              It is 6:52 am over here.
Wolfie1300 Wolfie1300 Sep 12, 2016
The Barbie thing applies to me! Damn! It's like you read my mind! I gouge their eyes out a cut off limbs with a kitchen knife!!!
potatomother317 potatomother317 Sep 27, 2016
I actually did that to my dolls as a kid and still do..........
jingshen jingshen Jul 13, 2016
Out of curiosity I literally searched up the name Gerard in Google XD
She has paranoia and is thinking someone's gonna get her but she goes into the forest instead of out and open and if its 4:00 its still light outside like really?!