Addicted (Urban) Completed

Addicted (Urban) Completed

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• By sivryh Completed

"Its like I'm addicted to you." 

Lyric is a born hustler, taken her father skills and mother looks she becomes the head bitch in Harlem, New York. 

But when dealing with man Lyric doesn't know how to pick em, after meeting the notorious kingpin name Devin and having sexual enter courses with him she feels trap and suddenly hook on em.

But will she find a way to overcome her lust and so call love for Devin or will somebody else have to show her she's worth more than she think she is?

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- @sivryh
Cover work: UrbanDynastyNovels

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@PrettyMorena fr like TF SCREAMING LOUD ASF‼️‼️‼️🚪👈🏽
MyaDaGreat MyaDaGreat Dec 26, 2017
my reaction to what i read is to funny 💀 “this biitch a pimp’’
My mother wasnt getting a dime her ass was gonna be in rehab and then i woudve had her on 24/7 survaliance watch �👀�
kvshed kvshed Jan 03
Y'all need Jesus. •sets a tray of cups filled with Holy Water down•
Naw boo it's the other way around and you damn sure didn't do it🖕🖕
Somone16 Somone16 Jul 05
This chapter straight dragged me in .. i ain’t going nowhere but to the next chapter 😂