Little One [Book 2]

Little One [Book 2]

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[Explicit Content: NC +17]

! You've Been Warned !

Book 2

Lucas is a father now to a cute little blonde bottle of joy. He's watched his little girl grow up to a beautiful sixteen year old. Now ever since the Lawson deal has been cleared up, Lucas has been busy as ever. He's barely spending time with his daughter like he used to. She's become resentful until one day this sixteen year old little girl meets a man on the street. A man who can fill her daddy issues. Mikal Harrison. A young, rich new up comer in the line of business. Only twenty he's seen the world. Under that nice facade is a very... powerful man. He's looking for a new little and she's just what he wants. 

No matter what.

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Now that is smooth. But if you don't like my bff there is zero,zip,nada, chance of there ever being a US
Me and my ex best friend used to do this but it was an excuse to look ugly in public, she had a bf anyway
honeywhy honeywhy Aug 16
Usually her parents would get a call from her high school even if she was late for one class so I'm not really sure how the school hasn't already contacted her parents
50shadesofFred 50shadesofFred May 12, 2016
June is patting, Quincy's patting, Annie's patting! BUT WE NEED MORE POWER
taekookhana taekookhana Nov 08, 2016
i thought it was a story about scar again. but now adriana. hm what happened to scar? and why the heeeeell is wrong with lucas? what happened to the others? leo? raven? gabe? beck?
bottlecats bottlecats Jun 22, 2016
This isn't even boarder line harassment man this is straight on creepy