Human // Josh dun

Human // Josh dun

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A girl with alexithymia - a disorder which disables you to understand feelings - meets Josh dun in a record store while on a trip to Ohio.

What will happen when she has to go home?

A Josh dun fanfic

lmao i got hit by a car the other day and my butt broke the windshield oops
lilyisbored lilyisbored Nov 18
Well I think I need to make an appointment for the doctors now.
One time when I was walking home and a car drove past me and I yelled "FÜCKING RUN ME OVER" and I think the guy heard me oops
lilyisbored lilyisbored Nov 18
My mom would hit me with the nearest thing if I came home with a failing grade
Ah a new story 
                              Hope this one isnt gonna make me cry 
                              Not that I can coz I have no feelings