AMBW One Night Stand With Jung Hoseok (BWAM)

AMBW One Night Stand With Jung Hoseok (BWAM)

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ARMY Infires paprika and Jams 김 래 이미 ,木成 By TheKJ_BTSARMY Completed

You're a Black woman living on your own, it was your friend's B-day, so you both went to celebrate. You drunk alot and blacked out then woke up next to a Hot Asian guy, just a one night stand with a man who rocked your world, so you left and went to your apartment 
One month later 
You find out your pregnant.

Not regular story and I dont proof read so

Sequel already out " My Weird &Crazy AMBW Family"

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ItsJayus ItsJayus May 24, 2016
This is not TERRIBLY written but there are like zero periods and no paragraphs so its hard to read.
Lusciousangel3898 Lusciousangel3898 Jun 15, 2016
Jhope: "Hopeless? HENH! Maybe eerrbody but me! I have ALL the hope in the world LOL
Kookiegrabingjibooty Kookiegrabingjibooty Jan 02, 2017
Danm he got that slim thick his pic look like i just pulled that my milk chocolate
imbff2 imbff2 Jan 21, 2017
Wait she gonna remove the baby because she wants to party for two more years:/
Monica_BB Monica_BB Dec 30, 2015
Yes shes keeping it!! Or im keeping it hahahah!!! Either one!!
Monica_BB Monica_BB Dec 30, 2015
Aarrgghh!! The boys were a crack up in that last one!! I love it!!