Kidnapped by Harry Styles!

Kidnapped by Harry Styles!

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mrsstyles816 By mrsstyles816 Updated Aug 08, 2016

Huge shout out to @Field_dreamer for the wonderful cover photo!!!!! 

What would you do if you got kidnapped by Harry Styles? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time comes with a price. 

He looked at me up and down first glaring, then came to a smile. "Mmm," he moaned. "I can't wait to do you in the worst way." He smirked grabbing my arm. Tears ran down my cheek as I refused to move. Harry started getting annoyed with my reactions. "Do you really want to test me darling?" He said in a low voice making me gasp. 

"Fuck off." I said with a little courage but soon ended when he slapped me in the face. I winced at the instant burning and stinging.

Please be aware there are sweating, some violence, and smut so read at your own risk! I don't advise this story for 13 or under but it's your choice if you do so, I don't judge but it might ruin your childhood.

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CarelesslyNicole CarelesslyNicole Jun 18, 2017
ah fucc my sister's name is Brittany.. this is gonna be awkward
- - Jun 28, 2017
Liam: let's all wear black and not tell Harry.
                              Louis: hahah okay. *turns to Niall* let's both not wear a collared shirt, and not tell Liam.  
                              Niall: good one *turns to Niall* let's be blonde, and Irish, and not tell anyone.
                              Niall: golden.
                              Harry: you fûckers.
tamarolthof tamarolthof Aug 28, 2017
Well I think it's broken bc if it was just fractured it wouldn't be in a U shape right
I can stay awake from that i broke my leg and they have it to me and stayed up all night
deadroses_jajaja deadroses_jajaja Jul 04, 2017
This reminds me of when I took my friends sleeping pills in class
gandolf_bingston gandolf_bingston Apr 13, 2017
He prob crushed some up into it in case she didn't take the pills