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A Miraculous Christmas Tale

A Miraculous Christmas Tale

16.6K Reads 981 Votes 3 Part Story
Miraculous Ladybug By ladynoirshipper Completed

It's Christmas in Paris! Colorful lights are strung up, the ground is covered in snow, and Christmas carols resonate throughout the city! Marinette wants to get Adrien a special gift this Christmas. Everything is merry! However, all of this Christmas cheer will be tested by a certain akuma-ridden man. Will Ladybug and Chat Noir be able to stop this villain's rampage before Christmas as they know it is taken away?

kitkat6006 kitkat6006 Apr 20
Meh honestly idc about the typo and you probs tired of endless corrections probably a different version for you so meh XD
It's called a staff, Buggette. Don't call it anything that gives Miraculous fans dirty thoughts.
I want this as an actual ep. Please send this to the could be a filler ep
CatNoir75 CatNoir75 Apr 21
Yep. Amazing start! 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
starshine432 starshine432 Dec 11, 2016
So. Which ears do Chat cover. The ones beside his head or the ones on top. 
                              Does he cover both at d same time? If not, where do his real ears go after transformation?
CuteTwelve CuteTwelve Dec 23, 2016
This guy just save you the least you could do is kiss him
                              Then my ship sails