Us? Together?

Us? Together?

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He was hot; standing at about 6'3, lean, wide strong shoulders, definitely had a eight pack, and biceps that flexed with his every movement. His beautiful blue eyes made every girl faint with one look. One of his eyebrows pierced with a black ring and a lip ring hung from the corner of his mouth. He was every girl's dream at Caldwell Highschool..... Well almost every girl...

She was sexy; standing at about 5'9 and the legs of an angel. Her body displayed the most perfect curves that would put a pornstar to shame. Her eyes were dangerous, voice was smooth as melted chocolate and attitude that would make that devil cry in the corner for his mother. Every guy in Caldwell Highschool wanted her- BADLY...... 

So we have these two badass teens in one school..... What's gonna happen? Read to find out.....

Umm this does NOT in any way seem real at all so yea. But I'm NOT givin up on dis!
WhovianForever114 WhovianForever114 6 days ago
Oh, that's sweet and all, but there is the faint possibility that she's a serial killer who is trying to take you out 😕
He has children and living with his mom or that's his sister I'm so confused
Stunner-A Stunner-A Jan 16
I swear this is EXACTLY how me and my Daddy talk. Like it the nicknames and everything.
I have to say that that's the first book I read where the guy calls the girls beautiful and ist yeah those clingy bîtches...
That is my name but I hope I do nothing bad in this story to her. I am a nice person well that's what I think at less