With me forever to the end (Sans X Reader)

With me forever to the end (Sans X Reader)

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Ryleigh ^-^ By Qwa_Smol Updated Aug 15

You all know the beginning and I am to lazy to right it so let's just pretend it's there! Okay? Okay!

I woke up in a strange place. I look around and all I see is darkness, but I do see a flower. "Howdy! I'm flowey. Flowey the Flower! Hmm... You must be confused!!" You looked at the Flower confused.

"You can talk? But how?" I asked. "Well it's because-" "how do I get out of here? OH ITS A DOOR!!" I was about to go through a door when the Flower said something.

"W-why does everyone run away.... Why..." The flower said crying. I go back over. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to- Ugk!!" Something grabbed my thought. "HAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU FOOL!! YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!" 

I grabbed my thought trying to get whatever had it. "P-p-please let go!" "NO ITS KILL OR BE KILLED!!"

All of a sudden the flower went flying, and my vision went dark. I woke up in a bed. I got up and opened the door. I heard some voices. I went where the voices wore. "That poor child... He was  going to die if I didn't come along...

                              Me: Oh really! I didn't know we'd be "Weeding"*pulls out garden hoes*
                              Flowey: Oh shhi- I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK!!!
OShadyGroveO OShadyGroveO Sep 21, 2016
But Papy is so innocent...
                              Oh right I know sh*t about everyone here.
Zenny-bae Zenny-bae Dec 23, 2016
My gender is actually....... how do I say this....*sigh*
                              I am an idiot, that is my gender
OShadyGroveO OShadyGroveO Sep 21, 2016
Ya'll cheddar stop with the cheese puns you know what's guda for you.
                              Their all to cheesy.
KiriSenpai9 KiriSenpai9 Dec 31, 2016
You know someone needs to make a song about how wonderful goat mom is.
                              This is not related to the story but we all need this in life!
I guess you...
                              Papyrus: NO...
                              Papyrus: I WILL HARM YOU READER-CHAN
                              Nah my sister did that!