ADMIT IT:  BatJoke FanFic

ADMIT IT: BatJoke FanFic

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Kelly By jokebat Updated Dec 08, 2015

Batman might be falling in love with Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime's not returning those feelings, though. That's pretty much the last thing he wants to do....but something tells me he might.

Levi_Rolten Levi_Rolten Feb 08, 2016
This is really good :D what version of Joker did you have in mind when writing this? Personally I was thinking of the Joker from Arkham origins the game x) but really good! Kudos to you :3
Ambergalway2000 Ambergalway2000 Sep 25, 2016
Small? Jokers like 6ft something he is lanky but definitely not short
a5ylum a5ylum Jul 06, 2016
YES, you hit me in the right spot. That's exactly what I was looking for in Batsy/Joker fanfiction! THANK YOU!
SumDood SumDood Dec 01, 2015
Bats went in too deep this time... D:
                              Wait, no, I'M IN TOO DEEP! This is wonderful :D
ravendamsel ravendamsel Nov 28, 2015
It's really good!! I love how the Joker's just not buying it XD