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Creepypasta x Reader [ON HOLD]

Creepypasta x Reader [ON HOLD]

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♦Astrology Trickster♥ By ItsKristineRawr Updated Nov 26, 2016

The year 2001

The army of the under realm has finally raised.As their leader, the most feared by most creepypasta's, Zalgo leading his army to their enemies base. 

Slenderman, he is aware of the upcoming attack on their base. He and the others are prepared, although his only problem is how could he protect the most important person in the world? And this very important person is his daughter, Y/n, he was thinking of a way on how could he protect her? He walked outside his office carrying the child in his hands. Until a certain most trusted proxy came in. Masky

"Sir, Zalgo's army is-is...near" he panted as he pointed outside the window to see silhouettes, and itsnot friendly 

"But what about..." Slender didn't finished his sentence and looked at the little infant in his hands as the proxy,Masky got the idea of his boss. 

He thought of a plan, but he knew it wouldn't be easy for Slenderman but its the only was to protect her. 

Masky motioned Slender so he could tell the plan. Slend...

Music_Guard24 Music_Guard24 Jul 04, 2016
Again with the backstory laziness. Why laziness ruin everythig?
_Reluctant_Heroes_ _Reluctant_Heroes_ Dec 03, 2016
Is it weird that I am listening to "Come Little Children" (nightcore male version) while reading this? 😅
Music_Guard24 Music_Guard24 Jul 04, 2016
Adoption? I don't know Jeff-senpai, but if you ask questions, make sure they make sense!
sayhitogod sayhitogod Aug 26, 2016
Space unicorn soaring through the stars. Delivering the rainbows all around the world
CraftyGirlXD CraftyGirlXD Dec 08, 2015
Aww even i don't know creepypasta (i knew it a lil) it's til cute like an "aww" reaction
ratupenulis ratupenulis Dec 04, 2015
Slendy: So......... I hooked up with this woman and the woman is my crush, she's beautiful , when we did it the protection kind of..... teared apart .... and she got pregnant.... Then we have this child.... 
                              So yeah... That's the story 
                              (This is just what I imagined, lol)