Missing Sunshine || Park Chanyeol

Missing Sunshine || Park Chanyeol

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There's a lot you can describe Yoon Dalnim, South Korea's rising professional volleyball player, as. 

Kind. Hardworking. Beautiful. Athletic.

Clueless is also a great word to describe her, mostly when it comes to media. It was only recently that she finds out that, in fact, the best friend she lost contact with years ago had been gaining fame and popularity on his own as the main rapper of the widely known group, EXO.

And after all these years, yes, the childhood crush still lingered.

Same girl...he's my bias too😆 And like you stated, my sunshine and angel
snowflakesonmylaptop snowflakesonmylaptop Jul 14, 2016
I saw their face characters but I still imagined the Karasuno team as females. What's wrong with me?
                              (I might start reading this tomorrow as its already past midnight here but I'm already very excited!)
ilyminseok ilyminseok Nov 23, 2016
park Chanyeol is so handsome and it physically and mentally kills me
1-800-STAN-KNK 1-800-STAN-KNK Oct 31, 2016
Krystal unnie always the salty beatch in every fanfic 😂😂😂
F_S1997 F_S1997 Feb 11, 2016
You now gives us information of your characters' appearances, so good  for the new visual images!