Nico Di Angelo: The Avengers (BoyxBoy)

Nico Di Angelo: The Avengers (BoyxBoy)

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_Creater_ By _Creater_ Updated Dec 10, 2015

"Darkness Doesn't Always Equal to Evil,
Just as Light Doesn't Always Equal to Good."

Aether has risen and only Nico Di Angelo can stop him. However things never go to plan with demigods, and they end up in the avengers universe!

Aether still needs to be taken down, but who said he needs to do it alone?

I hope you enjoy this book!

I adore your story, but it could really use a proofread. I bet a lot more people would read it if it was proofed.
Man. Nico looked badass in that scene. Picture him...with mythomagic cards!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HenryTeina HenryTeina Mar 31
Amazing. Nice power up for nico and awesome fight scene. Mind blown
Duh! Of COURSE he ships solangelo!!! Who doesn't ship them?!?!!
I though it said " causing spider webs around him " so I was like, Spider-Man?
gracedot gracedot Dec 05, 2015
That was amazing I loved it when nico said "every light has a shadow" piz update :D