31 Days• Odell Beckham Jr. [COMPLETED & EDITING]

31 Days• Odell Beckham Jr. [COMPLETED & EDITING]

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"I'll make sure you have the BEST 31 days of your life."


In which a young cancer patient, faces the difficulties of being loved, and hated.

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NobuhleNN NobuhleNN May 01, 2016
Lord...I'm already praying for you to save this dear girl. She's strong, I don't know what I would 've done but it wouldn't be that.
imperfectionisst imperfectionisst Jul 18, 2016
I couldn't read this without crying. That's what they said  bout my friend Journey.
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Jul 17, 2016
I'm feeling it. I don't know how I would feel if I got that news and me or my kids.
renyxo renyxo Nov 06, 2016
I love how different this book is. I never read anything like it. Great so far.🚨New Reader Alert🚨
yellowparadise yellowparadise Jan 24, 2017
I'm terrified to read this because I'm prone to cry but this first chapter is a nice and inviting reason to read more.
BeautifulCreation_ BeautifulCreation_ Feb 01, 2016
I Love it. This whole chapter had my eyes filled with tears.