Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC]

Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC]

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"It's a pity these police officers are deciding your life span. To die so young as well." Snart said loudly, the police officers backed off a little as Snart continued to back toward the exit. Finally we got there and the police officers were at a far away distance. "Thank you for your cooperation." Snart said softly in my ear. I growled at him as we continued to back up. This scene was so from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

This starts off with the plot from The Flash, featuring all scenes that Leo is in. It then will progress into DC Legends of Tomorrow. Hope you enjoy! (Will be Arrow Crossovers!) (Marvel Crossovers) (Other Fandom Crossovers) <--- just read and you'll understand...

Special Thanks to Ashley_Rose_Potter who made the amazing cover!!!

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ItzSilke ItzSilke Oct 24, 2017
Ugh Ikr.. Like this happend the day before yesterday.. *sigh* So unoriginal.. except for the pencil sharper.. I panicked
meerkattay17 meerkattay17 Dec 03, 2017
He is Kidnapping you, and he just had a gun pointed at you; yet he makes you feel safe???
Anitode Anitode Jan 04
In the Dc world, I say the bank is the most dangerous place to work. That and a prison.
-honestlysame -honestlysame Jul 21, 2017
Leo, we talked about this, this is not how a you win a lady over
FallenSynth FallenSynth 7 days ago
                              Pencil sharpener?
                              If it doesn't hurt him to be punched in the face by Captain Hunter...then how the hell would that hurt him?
SuperDorkyCrazyLady SuperDorkyCrazyLady Aug 23, 2017
XD I like how instead of yelling he's criticizing him! It's just like, well he's holding hostage, and I could scream, but he's not doing it right. Better give him some pointer! XD XD XDDDDD