Little Wolf

Little Wolf

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Alpha Nolan Greyson knows his little mate is still alive, even though it's been ten years since her pack got wiped out. Going to surrounding packs, he's looked. When he finds her, she was beaten and scared. Ebony doesn't know what to think of Nolan's kindness for fear of him flipping on her. Having been kept in a cage since she was seven, she finds pack life strange. The real problem is that she's mute and can only communicate by writing, which Ebony can't do well. Will Nolan accept Ebony or will he finally let go of his mate?

*Highest Ranking: #30 in Werewolf*

Cover by:@coffeecolors_

mariesadolores mariesadolores Jun 06, 2016
Good choice on Nolan's pov I don't read many books in men's pov
divergent11235813 divergent11235813 Aug 26, 2016
                              Me: wait I think remember something *whispers* 
                              Friend: omg what is it. *stares at me wide eyed* 
                              Me: gummy worms....
                              Friend: THE FÜCK?
Starbuckys_Coffee Starbuckys_Coffee Sep 27, 2016
Hello darkness my old friend 
                              If come to speak with you again
susannebp susannebp Jun 22, 2016
Why did u warn them?? Now they all runned away and your mate could be dead. Not good nolan, not good.
Happythalicolover Happythalicolover Jul 19, 2016
Its sad no gummy worm or any candy. If your going to take someone I think you should let the eat sweets still
Ohmygod he just called her stupid! Well I don't really care