WOLF GIRL( Garroth X Laurence X Reader) Discontinued!!

WOLF GIRL( Garroth X Laurence X Reader) Discontinued!!

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He said.
When he said that I froze. I didn't now what to do... While standing there I notice my home town was burning, people were dieing left and right either from the shadow nights or the fire......

what happened to the 7 year old you... She might have been captured or maybe even have been killed who knows, read more to find out.

Word you need to know:
Y/n- your name
F/f- favorite food
P/n- pet name 
F/H/n-Flying horse name (May or may not happen)
F/c- favorite color
2f/c- second favorite color
V/ N- village name

Times I Update:
I will update when ever I can. I'm a very busy person so I only update on my free time.
But usually I'll update on the weekends and a lot over breaks. 

You need to know:
These characters do not belong to most of them belong to the youtuber named Aphmau, Kage belongs to Yamishadowolf, And Levi belongs to Cookiegirl1001.
Thats all for now
Lollipop Out :)