Dipper Pines x Reader One-Shots (Semi-Hiatus)

Dipper Pines x Reader One-Shots (Semi-Hiatus)

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Sea-Reader By Sea-Reader Updated Dec 26, 2017

Yeah, this is pretty straightforward. Some one-shots (because goodness knows I can't write an entire, coherent, single-storylined book) about you, the reader, and his adorkableness, Dipper Pines.

WARNING: Really slow updates. This book is on a semi-hiatus; I update when I have the time. Sorry guys, life gets in the way sometimes!

                [   ] Currently taking
                [X] Currently NOT taking

Disclaimer: All characters and storylines pertaining to the official, canonical Gravity Falls show belong to the amazingly talented Alex Hirsch.

Cover art by life-writer on Tumblr.com

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Brooklyn_DeVil Brooklyn_DeVil Aug 26, 2017
Yay! I'm light! But I'm still heavier then twelve year old DipStick!
Willowbean01170 Willowbean01170 Sep 12, 2017
The Justice League and the Avengers having thanksgiving together
Akane2023 Akane2023 May 12, 2017
I always wear the Winchester look! Some say I act the most like Dean tho XD