Dipper Pines x Reader One-Shots (Semi-Hiatus)

Dipper Pines x Reader One-Shots (Semi-Hiatus)

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Sea-Reader By Sea-Reader Updated Jul 31

Yeah, this is pretty straightforward. Some one-shots (because goodness knows I can't write an entire, coherent, single-storylined book) about you, the reader, and his adorkableness, Dipper Pines.

WARNING: Really slow updates. This book is on a semi-hiatus; I update when I have the time. Sorry guys, life gets in the way sometimes!

                [X] Currently taking
                [   ] Currently NOT taking

Disclaimer: All characters and storylines pertaining to the official, canonical Gravity Falls show belong to the amazingly talented Alex Hirsch.

Cover art by life-writer on Tumblr.com

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Yay! I'm light! But I'm still heavier then twelve year old DipStick!
The Justice League and the Avengers having thanksgiving together
Akane2023 Akane2023 May 12
I always wear the Winchester look! Some say I act the most like Dean tho XD
I've read a lot of fanfiction before, but none of the dipperXreader can even hold a candle to your work. well done!