Different than the rest [COMPLETED]

Different than the rest [COMPLETED]

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Massiel By MassielMalik Completed

"Ms. Hayes, I see you got yourself in trouble on your first day." I shrug my shoulders. "Now what happened?" 

He sat at his desk folding his hands in front of me. "I got mad, grabbed a textbook, smacked it over a girl who decides to be a little shit." He sighed looking through a file with my name on it. Fancy. At my other schools they didn't have those kind of things every time I stepped foot in their offices. Usually they would just give me detention. 

"It says here that at your old school you were expelled for shoving a girls face against a white board, then after gave another student a concussion by shoving her in a locker then hitting the door with a baseball bat." I shrug my shoulders with a blunt stare. 

"Ms. Hayes I hope you don't repeat this here in my school." He looked at me very seriously as he slowly leaned forward from his desk. 

"Well that's something I cannot control sir."

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im_da_potato_babe im_da_potato_babe Mar 26, 2017
I'm literally Cameron. Different hair piercings, and moving to a different school every year, kinda claustrophobic when it comes to people in a small room, an aggressive to people who wanna start sh*t.
mano2052 mano2052 Jun 01, 2017
Vape is dead now fam all these kids tryin to act all badass wooiii I can't wiv this bs
Txri_bae Txri_bae Nov 19, 2017
Well I wanted a cape does that count yes a cape my friends were camping and oh smacked them.......  With my shoe. We're all 12 so.......
Bi_Fandomer Bi_Fandomer Nov 29, 2016
Uhhhhhhhh and, still I would've been like *Boom Boom pow* what you gonna say now.
nnewyorkk nnewyorkk Feb 10, 2017
It still damages your body....who invented cigarettes and that stuff anyway
Villythegr8 Villythegr8 May 03, 2016
I used to cape but then I got bored so I started chewing gum more often