Spy Games (ON HOLD)

Spy Games (ON HOLD)

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Barbara J Webb By BarbaraJWebb Updated Jul 10, 2017

Ethan Keating never really believed his grandfather would die. Certainly not this soon, leaving Ethan alone with a billion dollar medical empire he doesn't know how to run, and no answers to the questions Ethan never had time to ask. Questions about his parents, about his past, and most importantly, about the psychic gifts that Ethan has kept hidden all his life. Now Ethan needs to find the truth before one of Grandfather's secrets gets him killed.

Nick Abrams never expected the old man to die. After years of Nick's CIA teams chasing their tails, trying to dig up the truth about the dark side of Keating Enterprises, Nick has to hope old Keating didn't take the truth with him to the grave. Questionable experiments and treasonous alliances-Nick needs to find proof, and he's going to need all the talents of his team of telepaths to get it. The key may be old Keating's playboy grandson, Ethan, but Nick will have to move fast. Lives are in danger, and Ethan may be the first person in the crosshairs.

Nick and Ethan could be each other's strongest asset. Or they could be each other's greatest threat. And with government agents dogging his steps, a mysterious diplomat who knows more than he should, and a Russian assassin closing in, Ethan is learning that sometimes even a telepath doesn't know who he can trust.

Cover Art:  Reese Dante   http://www.reesedante.com

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swilco swilco Jun 18, 2017
Please go check out the first chapter of my story, Close Enough To Love
FlaMango FlaMango Mar 13, 2016
I don't like that Mattias guy he's very suspicious or I'm just having trust issues. Ow well still don't like him.
kazemomo kazemomo Aug 21, 2016
Oh thank gods. I thought that they would be strangers to each other and that he became the CEO because he was the best of the batch. I'm glad they knew each other and were close.
FlaMango FlaMango Mar 13, 2016
I wonder what secrets are about to get unveiled. I'm so excited. :)
ShadowSignal ShadowSignal Jun 19, 2016
Well, at least he's not denying that he's gay. Thank you author.
ShadowSignal ShadowSignal Jun 19, 2016
Haha, billionaire-playboy-philanthropists. Hmmm, Tony Stark anyone?