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Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| re-writing [under editing]

Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| re-writing [under editing]

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Jazzi [ON HIATUS] By Shippingthepack Completed

I'm just different,
        There's no need to shock you.
I'm not your play toy,
          I can freeze you to death.

I'm not your son,
         I could fly away from this sh*t hole.

I'm not your servant,
          What's wrong with getting wet?

I'm not a perfect child anymore,
                I could burn down your home. 

How could you love me?
            I could make a earthquake.

I'm Different.
I'm Not A Play Toy.
I'm Not Your Son.
I'm Not Your Servant.
I'm Not Your Perfect Child.
How Could You Still Love Me?


We are all just misunderstood Elementals.

Lexzread Lexzread Feb 03, 2016
It is like being from the us and being used to hearing the type of kinda tone I guess anyway all it is, is sound and how things sound to others
Taylahrules24 Taylahrules24 Apr 20, 2016
I'm Australian too! I totally agree! I don't think I have an accent but when I Skype with my American friend apparently I sound really different and she sounds different
SerafinaTH SerafinaTH Jun 13, 2016
I'm Alaskan and people have said that I'm from the following
                              New York
                              New Hamshire
                              And I'm like 'I DONT SOUND ANYTHING LIKE THAT IM FROM ALASKA YOU SALMONS' which means 'you idiots'
giuliettafrau giuliettafrau Feb 10, 2016
I'm Italian and I live in Sardinia, but whenever I visit other cities, like Rome or Naples I don't know whatever, I hear that they speak with a different accent. I think it's normal, it changes by zone
Crazyrainbowkitten Crazyrainbowkitten Jun 18, 2016
I am lucky, I am Texan so most people don't say I have an accent. But I don't really go anywhere so... a person from a different country would probably say else wise. Also one thing my fam thinks I'm weird for is that I'm from the south but don't really say yall.
Ze_DragonLover0215 Ze_DragonLover0215 Aug 12, 2016
Wait this has nothing to do with its just about the element Jerome has,his element is not earth it's called nature ok so if the author reads this remember this ok