Chat-room (Sabriel & Destiel)

Chat-room (Sabriel & Destiel)

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I’m Bo Yo By Rabbit-168 Completed

Dean, Sam, Gabe, Cas, Charlie and Jo meet on a chat-room and gayness ensues. Also includes my OC Talpael on like, one chapter.

Human!Cas, Human!Gabe, AU.

(Entered in the Wattys 2k17)

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I just started laughing and quietly said aloud to myself, "And here was have perfect characterization..."
Well in all fairness Sammy when you fućk someone it usually ends their life
I'm actually gabe in this chapter...I'm always that hyperactive
If someone got /that/ friendly to me in a chat, I'd totes block tbh🚫🚫🚫
                              (How I actually imagine the names would be)
okayheyhun okayheyhun Jan 15
Ackles wants the quackels popped into my mind and now I'm giggling in a dark room at 11:06 pm with only the sounds of my dying #shooklock fangirl heart and my too bright phone screen to keep me company