She's My Girl

She's My Girl

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Hyunhee is a poor girl , she lives with her big brother Hyunwoo. Hyunwoo worked at the biggest company named Local Stand. 

One day he was invited to a big party and he asked Hyunhee to company him there. She wore a really really simple dress. When they attend it , Hyunwoo doesn't stay with Hyunhee. She walked carelessly and spill her drink to Byun Baek Hyun , the owner's son of Local Stand. 

Baekhyun was furious and he's so mad to her. He called her poor , ugly and stupid girl. Everyone is looking at her getting scold by Baekhyun. Hyunhee can't do anything , it's her fault anyway. She decided to go home.

One month later , suddenly his dad appeared out of nowhere. He gave them all his heritage to his 2 children. They were so shocked that his dad was the owner of Creative Cloud company. 

Baekhyun's enemy.

One day they'll meet again , Love starts to sparks. Jealousy , hate , care and love come towards them.

"Well what can I say jerk? Karma is a bitch" 
- Song Hyun Hee

Kaiiylen14 Kaiiylen14 Sep 14
I have 3 sibling and the im the baby and the the 3rd youngest one and i have a i year age gap
stanbts_ stanbts_ May 10
I have a 9 and 18 year gap with my older sisters (Jung Eunji, Jung Eunbin and Jung Eunhee)
I have a twin, who... is an ass, but 5 years is a good gap, me and my brother have a really bad relationship, we are really different from eachother and i cant stand him, we were good when we were kids but he changed a whole lot and now i dont even want to stay in the same house with him
- - Jul 26
i have a 6 year age gap between me and my youngest sister so
JenniferDeng5 JenniferDeng5 Feb 07, 2016
You call that big? Me and my brother have a 9 year age gap xD
bangtangotnojams bangtangotnojams Jun 30, 2016
Does anyone no about BIG TIME RUSH BOY BAND ?? 
                              Just sayin 😊🤓