Dolan twins imagines [2; description]

Dolan twins imagines [2; description]

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assclown By futuredolans Updated Aug 25, 2017

I was thirteen when writing these imagines, so I very, deeply apologize for anything wrong with my imagines. The grammar, the plots, the language - etc. I apologize for being ugly when thirteen lmao. 

You may proceed.

- Cover by @fvckmethan

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Me_amas Me_amas Aug 26, 2017
I love ppl with dyslexic deases idk i have two friends like thaf and they r so funny and cuteee
Me_amas Me_amas Aug 26, 2017
For all the ppl that told me i suck at singing read this mothaaafackeersss
dolanssmut dolanssmut May 12, 2016
He has dyslexia and as a person I am I have dyslexia. It's not as easy as you think it is.
-quileute -quileute May 02, 2016
I think my dog is like sh!ting himself. It smells so bad in my house rn.
BenitoAsh_is_life BenitoAsh_is_life Feb 05, 2016
I think it's cute when he gets mad when he can't read I love you gray❤️
-quileute -quileute May 02, 2016
Literally me. Every single thing I read, I have to go back over it bc I think is says something dirty.😑😂