[HIATUS] Madara's Little Sister

[HIATUS] Madara's Little Sister

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♕ティアラ♕ By CallMe72 Updated Aug 29, 2016

Madara is been called in his
 mother's room in unknown reason. He's in bad mood right now because of hard training. The time when he open the door, is the time when his heart warms. Seeing the little girl in his father arms.

"Madara meet your little Sister, Yuri."

 I do NOT own Naruto, Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. The characters doesn't belong to me, except for some of the OC'S and The images aren't mine either.◀

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LolaRose24 LolaRose24 May 16, 2017
No offence but I am pretty sure you need earth release along with fire to have lava. I could be wrong tho.
UtauBara UtauBara May 07, 2017
I didn't expect this at all this made me laugh so loud I think my parents could hear me from the other side of the house!
AsrielBEN AsrielBEN Feb 26, 2017
Looks like someone out of a loli hentai waiting for her "onii-chan"....ahem