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To The Rosary • Frerard

To The Rosary • Frerard

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SWEETS By dasher- Updated Feb 06

Alright so this is a story about a boy in a who grew up in a place that invest all of their time in religion and etc. Another boy comes that makes him question everything he's ever believed in. He helps him figure a lot of things about himself-even if it gets them hurt in process. 

The way it works in this neighborhood is to follow the bible otherwise you're not going to be very safe there. There will be people there willing to run you out of town, hurt you, and maybe even kill you if it gets that "out of hand".  There's no such thing as acceptance in this town, there's no 'other' ways, all there is to believe or leave.

i legit have a burning hate for people that are this judgemental and im
Fish_llama Fish_llama Dec 23, 2016
same gee. mom refuses to get me  phone and someone is always walking in. the only alone time i get is when i'm using the bathroom
WerewolfMcWherewolf WerewolfMcWherewolf Dec 31, 2016
nope, nobody minds at all (except maybe gee's mum but like yikes no one cares about her opinion)
AnnieHuck AnnieHuck Jan 01
Omg Frankie, I'm stealing this move for future reference for the chicks
brridges brridges Dec 26, 2016
This is how I feel towards my sister who doesn't obey my parents, but still gets more freedom than I do.
I read as "I took a seat on my bed and grabbed my razor." I've read to many fanfucs with selfharming...