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To The Rosary • Frerard

To The Rosary • Frerard

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WRITING HIATUS By dasher- Updated Jun 24

Alright so this is a story about a boy in a who grew up in a place that invest all of their time in religion and etc. Another boy comes that makes him question everything he's ever believed in. He helps him figure a lot of things about himself-even if it gets them hurt in process. 

The way it works in this neighborhood is to follow the bible otherwise you're not going to be very safe there. There will be people there willing to run you out of town, hurt you, and maybe even kill you if it gets that "out of hand".  There's no such thing as acceptance in this town, there's no 'other' ways, all there is to believe or leave.

Just like Gee's POV when he broke MCR up?
                              Im sorry im just really angsty since its the 22nd.
If this uncle isn't called chandler I will be supremely disappointed
Jacket-Slut Jacket-Slut Mar 31
My dads like that but more with my appearance because I'm an honors student, he wants me to dress more feminine and compares me to other girls
*Mulan voice* Stay for the rest of dinner?
                              *Mulan's grandmother's voice* WANNA STAY FOREVER?
Makeup is fûcking great for a guy, because it makes a guy look beautiful. Because a lot of times, a guy does not look beautiful
Jacket-Slut Jacket-Slut Mar 31
I used to have a stutter when I was little and it still comes back sometimes it's so embarrassing