Last Slytherin (Draco Malfoy FanFic)

Last Slytherin (Draco Malfoy FanFic)

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#1st in Fanfiction (2016-2017)

Don't bother reading the rest if you don't like the first chapter/my writing/ or you're going to leave negative comments. Thanks.

Probably going to private soon anyways, but thanks for the love till now.

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SlytherinsUNITE1 SlytherinsUNITE1 5 days ago
Realization hits… (Villa’s mind: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCC)
RavenHopeRoyal RavenHopeRoyal 3 days ago
Plot twist - Malfoy family is Catholic
                              Draco: "JESUS' FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS."
                              (This is not mean't to be offensive >.< Please don't hate me)
Bro, the Dark Lord is your uncle? I would not like to see family arguments.....
Bitch same, he doesn't deserve his son or his hair. His wife on the other hand....
-The-Cat- -The-Cat- 4 days ago
Lowen - Be more sociable
                              Me - This is me being sociable *punches person in face because they attempted to speak to me*
RavenHopeRoyal RavenHopeRoyal 3 days ago
Villa: "How did that happen?"
                              Harry: "My cousin smacked me with a toaster which was plugged in while I was in the bath."
                              Villa:  ....