You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me

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Ananya By FoodaholicYes Completed


It was simple. Aubrey had been majorly crushing on Michael for many years. One day, when everyone got to know, life became hell. Getting bullied and teased by fellow students, and being ignored by Michael got included in her daily routine. Surprisingly, this didn't keep her from continuing to like the ignorant being. But that didn't mean that she wasn't heartbroken.
 Two years later, when Aubrey gets selected for one of the most famous youth competitions in the world, she meets her co-contestant, Zac.
Zac is the type of guy, every girl dreams of having. Perfect looks, perfect grades, and of course, charming as ever. Being one of the few people who understand Aubrey's situation, he knows her pain.
What will happen? Will she get over Michael? Will she find someone who truly accepts her for who she is? Read to find out!

Highest Rank: #13 in Teen Fiction

Started on- November 28, 2015
Completed on- April 15, 2016

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norelie12 norelie12 Jun 04, 2016
That's what best friends are for😀😃😄😘😍😛😝😜!!! 
                              I would have done the same thing for my best friend too!!!
jal2020 jal2020 Jan 04, 2017
I really want to start readingvthis but i can barely keeo me i's open ig gonna wait until mornin...or at least what i consider nornin (12pm...)
FoodaholicYes FoodaholicYes Dec 29, 2015
@Catie771 thank you so much! The other chapters are comparatively longer
Catie771 Catie771 Dec 29, 2015
That wasn't bad at all. Thank you for having decent grammar as well!! Haha
                               The only thing I would suggest is maybe a longer chapter and more use of description. Besides that, golden :)
TanushkaPanjwani TanushkaPanjwani Nov 29, 2015
Awwww love you❤️❤️ And that was really good. Write more.