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❝ーsorry, the only one with pure aesthetic here, is me. so bye bitch.❞

+ two internet sensations competes the battle of the best aesthetic through dm's and short text.

+ warning: swearing, dumb shit, jams, sexual, puns and hoes !

© -taehoe 2015

start - 29/11/15
complete - 13/04/16

Gho_army Gho_army Aug 11
Oops or should i say lee mi young (if u watch father is strange u will get it)
ttaese ttaese Aug 09
im a boy
                              you are a girl
                              im a boy 
                              you are a-
                              oops wrong fandom
Ok real talk tho. This one of the best fanfics I've read so I'm rereading it. If this is your first time reading it,,, PREPARE