My Yandere Boyfriend

My Yandere Boyfriend

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Female President Cocoa-sensei By Cocoa-sensei Updated Feb 11, 2017

I was frequently bullied by a bunch of girls at school and honestly, I wanted them gone. 
But not literally...

When I returned to my classroom, the walls were already covered in blood and the group that usually despised me had their throats slashed. They were dead and no one even knew what happened. 

Classes were canceled and we were told to go home by the headmaster, so I did. I was walking in the hallway, ready to go home when someone stopped me. He started to confess and if only I have known better, I wouldn't have accepted.

[WARNING: This isn't one of those READERxYANDERE stories]

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- - Apr 23, 2017
Glasses, ✔
                              Braces, ✔
                              Antisocial, ✔
                              Low self esteem, ✔
                              Yep that's me alright!😞😒😭😖
CherryL718 CherryL718 Sep 17, 2017
The picture of the girl look too much like me-- but hey, I'm not blaming ;;
EwannieEwanna EwannieEwanna Apr 14, 2017
Is that ugly for them
                              Just glasses and short hair? 
                              Mmmmmmmm...(trust me...I'm worse than that =3= )
theperfectprince theperfectprince Nov 15, 2016
I've got braces and glasses .. The total ugly in one package . 😦😧 I know how it feels to be ugly . I'm still feeling it .
Tureloveru Tureloveru Mar 11, 2016
I want more!!!!!!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😀😀
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep Dec 18, 2016
I got glasses, my hair is short, I am antisocial to people I don't know
                              But com'on people
                              It's just glasses