My Master Hates Me [h.s]

My Master Hates Me [h.s]

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h.s au

In a world where slavery was the norm, love was nonexistent and money meant happiness- Harry Styles believed he had it all. The wife, the house, the money and the fast cars.

Lola had nothing, she was a slave. Trained all her life to please another.

He tried so hard to push her away, but hate couldn't overpower the love he had for her.

WoahitzMackenzie WoahitzMackenzie Nov 21, 2016
First great story so far second I'm confused I know slavery means black people working for white people but is this like those ddlg stories??
The_Creative_Fire The_Creative_Fire Jun 19, 2016
Hey!  Your book was recommended to me by @Olga_GOA!  Looking forward to reading the next part! This was an amazing start I must say! ❤
HumB01 HumB01 Dec 14, 2015
Ahhh!! Very good start! Poor lola though.. what she's going through... i have a feeling her life won't be easier she is bought
HumB01 HumB01 Dec 14, 2015
Omg so intriguing... i like this type of stories!! Very interesting..  can't wait to see where you bring this
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Dec 14, 2015
Ouch, what a great start and so inttiguing. I love it, hun.
                              I can imagine whos this woman's son. Haha
                              Poor Lola, i think smth terrible happened in her life - if she does that!