Only you - Johnny x Ponyboy

Only you - Johnny x Ponyboy

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My name's Ponyboy Curtis. I live with my brothers, soda and Darry. I'm just like any other greaser; I keep my hair nice and greasy. Accept, I'm different. I like my best friend, Johnny Cade.
(This story has multiple perspectives, this is just one of them)

((These characters aren't mine, they belong to the novel 'The outsiders' by S.E. Hinton.))

This takes place after the novel but with a little twist on the end, Johnny never died which means Dally never died blah blah blah.

yo guys if yall wanna read my story about johnny i got 7 parts so far, its called burning love,, a johnny cade love story pls leave feedback in the comments if you read💕
now, johnny, didnt anyone teach you not to call people names?