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My Lover Has Lost It [Yandere!Levi x Eren]

My Lover Has Lost It [Yandere!Levi x Eren]

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Eren Jaeger By Riren_Ereri Updated Nov 10, 2016

Warning! This will have some smut in it later on! (Therefore labeled as mature) This is an AU fanfiction of Attack on Titan where Levi has an undeniable love for his subordinate, Eren Jaeger, and will stop at nothing to keep him safe-- or rather, to himself. Eren doesn't deny that he loves Levi as well, but does he cross the line by completely isolating him from the outside world? [Yandere!Levi x Eren] Author's Note: I will try to keep this as active as I can! I love this AU because Levi is so possessive and I just gah <3 I really hope you all enjoy c: I'm kind of new to Wattpad so help would be appreciated! Thanks for reading ^-^

What my brain imagined:
                              Levi: *DRAMATICALLY SNIFFS EREN'S CLOTHES* XD
Eylldan Eylldan Aug 23, 2016
Roses are red, soda is sticky. I have to say that this escalated quickly!
daddy_billdip daddy_billdip Dec 24, 2016
Roses are red
                              Violets are prickly
                              May I just say
                              That escalated w
Levi is like Mike but with cleaning supplies instead of people.
daddy_billdip daddy_billdip Dec 24, 2016
Afvgbxdjopkfrdxbigrxboknwsawsxxdezfhhiklpojuuggyfdewaw *fangirl over load* so.damn....cute *dies*
Eylldan Eylldan Aug 23, 2016
Eren: I love Senpai, yes I do! He's for me, not for you! 
                              Or would it be the other way around....