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BTS (Bangtan Boys) X Reader One Shots

BTS (Bangtan Boys) X Reader One Shots

20.6K Reads 759 Votes 7 Part Story
× mizuki × By sourrin Completed

♡ BTS x Reader ♡
→   →    →    → 
❀ kim seokjin
❀ min yoongi
❀ Kim Namjoon
❀ jung hoseok
❀ Park Jimin
❀ Kim taehyung
❀ Jeon Jungkook
→    →    →    →
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☀︎ restarted ; July 5th 2017
☀︎ for specific requests
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As if they'll come to Canada. People just go to one city and then leave. natural looks is light green eyes really white skin,short layered platinum blonde curls..
5m17343v3r 5m17343v3r Mar 30
Bright almost-black eyes? Beautiful? pink cheeks that are in a forever blushing state, silk like frizzy black hair...
Sooooo... Hazel eyes, Pale af skin, and brown frizzy, curly, short, thick hair.
CaroChan970 CaroChan970 May 15
hahaha....   Even tho it's not a custom in my country I obtained the habit of bowing to people i've just met or just apologizing and this is all because of anime XD
Nightcore_youkai Nightcore_youkai 6 days ago
I'm Canadian... Canadians are naturally polite and are always the one apologizing even if it isn't their fault