A Princess Disguised As A Prince (Killua x Reader) Modern AU

A Princess Disguised As A Prince (Killua x Reader) Modern AU

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YUME HITOHANA By YumeNeechan Updated Jul 27, 2016

"So...You're back with your old habbit?",

I nodded in response.

"You haven't gave me your answer yet...".

"What answer?".



Sequel to my other Killua x reader titled : Himitsu

I don't own HxH and the pictures shown...I only edited it.

Created : December 12, 2015

kurtaohshc_cool kurtaohshc_cool Apr 23, 2016
This is student is starting to sound a lot like Haruhi Fujioka
AdeliaHart AdeliaHart Jan 27
No...Of she shares a dorm with a guy and....SHES ON HER PERIOD!
                              DUN DUN DUUUUUN
- - Apr 16, 2016
Nope if their hot 😞 
                              And yes cause I have to get to know them first 😞
KawaiiProductionsInc KawaiiProductionsInc Dec 27, 2015
Reminds me of a game called high school romance ( except the game is an all girls school )
Breezyb3 Breezyb3 Dec 13, 2015
Yep cause it is very hard for me to crush on real life people without becoming their friend and getting to know about them without prying too much
UminekoMARIA UminekoMARIA Dec 11, 2015
Edgeworth: (from Phoenix Wright) I wrote a book about it. Ahem...
                              1. Convict them with forged evidence of they find out.
                              2: Repeat step 1.
                              Y/n: The book was one page.