Into the Snow || A Captain America Love Story

Into the Snow || A Captain America Love Story

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Victoria "Tori" Stark is the younger sister of Tony Stark. Being a long time S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Tori has been there, done that. Tori, or as citizens call her "Mystérieux", hasn't done everything. 
After meeting Captain America and becoming an Avenger, she must start her next journey. However, this can be a short journey due to H.Y.D.R.A.'s wanted list. 

***I do NOT own any Marvel Characters***

WARNING! This is my first story, so excuse how dreadful it is :)

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allforwhat165 allforwhat165 Mar 12, 2018
I hate to be that person but if you could please check out my Spider-Man fic I’d really appreciate it! It’s called “Saving the World and Other Teenage Responsibilities”. I’m new here and any advice/tips are helpful! Thank you
flowers_inher_hair flowers_inher_hair Nov 19, 2017
Tony it's only the first chapter and you're already shipping them lol
Chilling_Directioner Chilling_Directioner Feb 28, 2018
In this, Tony reminds me of Keigo and Tori reminds me of Ichigo! It’s perfect!
MikaylaAmico9 MikaylaAmico9 Mar 28, 2017
Tony literally just quoted Neville Longbottom when he said "Why is it always me?"
PhilosopherrStoned PhilosopherrStoned Jun 13, 2018
They're both so professional and mature...and then there's Tony
Lightningstorm32 Lightningstorm32 May 22, 2018
Tony totally ships it. That or he just likes to smile dorkily at his sister.