Im The Mafia's Angel *Currently Editing*

Im The Mafia's Angel *Currently Editing*

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Completed

Meet Katherine Hale. Her life revolves around media. She's twenty and is Victoria Secret's #1 angle. Oh and she has an twin who is an actress.

Now meet Aiden Black. He's twenty two and is the most-feared Mafia. He gets what he wants, when he wants it. He's cruel to everyone except his sister, who he has an soft side for.

So what happens when she makes him to a fashion show? What happens when Aiden see's Katharine and instantly want her?

But what if Aiden's past come into view?

*Aaliyah_Loyal Production*

Wade or Francisco (I always get them mixed up) Nina, Ian and DYLAN