||COMPLETED||Arranged Marriage To The One And Only Park Jimin

||COMPLETED||Arranged Marriage To The One And Only Park Jimin

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v i v i a n💍🙈 By VivianYang8 Updated Nov 16, 2016

Hello guys it's a Jimin fanfic. So I hope you'll love this fanfic. I'll give a little summary. Love you all.
"Your in an arranged marriage with Park Jimin." You Eomma said.

"BWO?!?!" Kim JinHee (YOU) said.
"Your in an arranged marriage with Kim JinHee." His Eomma said.

"BWO?!?!" Park Jimin said.
"Saranghae JinHee. Sorry for causing you so much pain. Saranghae." Jimin said with tears flowing even though it was raining.

"Nado. Saranghae." You said bringing him close to hug him, even though he was wet.

"I'm so sorry. I even forgot we had a family. I'm so sorry." He said still crying and hugging you.
"Yeobo. I'm going to use the bathroom." Jimin said.

"Arraeso." You said still cutting vegetables so you could feed your little family.
~~5 Minutes Later~~
"Do you know how much I love you?" Jimin said back hugging you.

"Ne Oppa." You said smiling.

"Eomma!! I'm hungry!!" Park JinMin, your son, said.

"Me too Eomma." Park JiHee, your daughter, said.

scastro_95 scastro_95 Nov 16, 2016
Lol they're all just dating each other's brothers and sisters lol 😂😂😂
neeneelovebook neeneelovebook Dec 30, 2015
Sometimes I feel that all the parents care about is business...
jlbtsjjv jlbtsjjv Dec 29, 2015
You're getting an arranged marriage. I knew it already without even reading it.