You - Septiplier (BOOK 2)

You - Septiplier (BOOK 2)

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Sequel to TREEHOUSE 


Mark changes ever since highschool and now Jack is worried their relationship changed

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TimmyFresh TimmyFresh Jul 25
But He's already in the room.(I'm referring to Jack BTW) *sarcastic*hahahahaHAHAHAJAHAHA
You have no idea. How much I screamed. 
                              And how much trouble I just got in for screaming at 2 am.
Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for saving this poor boy from death
Sofia92404 Sofia92404 Aug 29
OK! Forget what I said about not reading the rest of the stories, I just skipped ahead to the next book to see if something good happened and it did! I GOTS SOME READING TA DO
ACDcutie52 ACDcutie52 Mar 14
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