Freddy Krueger x Reader ( RE-WRITING / EDITING )

Freddy Krueger x Reader ( RE-WRITING / EDITING )

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Y/N, a high school junior, had seen what people had been through in her town. With one of her best friends across the street getting killed, this man was no joke.

But when he showed up in her dreams, he was something else. He was a lost soul. He was trapped in his own illusion of what love was.

Abandoned at a young age he started to hurt his friends a people near to him. Getting placed in a new school, Freddy started to realize that everybody was the same. But not Y/N.

Very much alike, the two sparked a friendship that was interesting.

You are a 17 year old Junior attending BrookeElm High.
Freddy is a 17 year old Junior also attending BrookeElm High. Sharing mostly all of the same classes with you.

How will this friendship end?

Or will it be just another chemical romance..

Moji-Kuu Moji-Kuu May 10
Would you people chill out? I know it has mistakes but it's still a good story and I think they should continue the story. Great job on the story, Freddy's my favorite slasher.
Anime_Lucy_ Anime_Lucy_ May 11
Practically dying from this statement from Freddy when he said babe
Baphy1428 Baphy1428 Jul 27
When I was in high school and 18, I was dating a 23 year old and people flipped out lol
Sure mom. Just like you say birth is okay but when you look at it, it's cringe. 👾👾👾👾
Okay, don't listen to them. You're allowed to write fanfiction. You're learning. It's amazing you can share your interests with the world. If you want to write, forget the haters.
callisto219 callisto219 Oct 31, 2016
OH MY GOD!!!! I LOVE FMA!!!!! 😱 But my favorite character is Envy^_^