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in love, painfully By emseetea Completed

Oneshots of the BBS. 

Requests on the first chapter (extremely slow and there's a high possibility that if it takes more than 1000 words to write, I probably won't do it. Motivation is killing meh)

Possibly Derp Crew stuff in the future??? (love me some TehChaos and Galty. I just love Smarty ig)

BEFORE YOU ASK,,, i do rarepairs ;)

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SkyAzphel SkyAzphel May 18, 2016
Can i send you again my proposition by pm? (I did that the first time)
ImAtEt ImAtEt Aug 08, 2016
Maybe an H2OWildcat smut where Jon is top, and he fucks Wildcat in front of the crew ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧
Cookiepizzas Cookiepizzas May 18, 2016
Something with Smii7y! Any pairing.. If you don't know him hmm something kinky with David x bottom lui ;D plz
Winglessgriffen Winglessgriffen Jul 16, 2016
Daithi terroriser and lui all together being cute and things
Geeky_ Geeky_ May 18, 2016
TerrorSnuckel, le kinky smut (you can choose your own kinks) x3
DeliriouslyFair DeliriouslyFair May 17, 2016
You should write a bottom Evan and I'm all goooooooddddd *rolls back into corner doing the wiggle wiggle*