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💗 By writingbiebers Updated Mar 14, 2016

Four years have passed since Camila and Justin have split up. With a degree in her hand and becoming a college graduate, Camila heads back home with a job opportunity that's just a few months away.

With a new boyfriend, she comes back home but everything suddenly changes when she bumps into Justin with another girl in his arms. 


I'm throwing up... where were all the babies.. and love ......ugggggh
beliebers4life_xo beliebers4life_xo Dec 22, 2016
Wiat how did that garret kid come when they never broke up justin primised cammila fidnt theu face time why r u doung this i wanna kill myself please 🙇😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😮🔫🔫🔫🔫❤️
MorydenGillyena MorydenGillyena May 27, 2016
Don't let that get away ,Don't let that slip away Don't let that love escape ~Kehlani
jerrytower jerrytower Sep 27, 2016
I wanna dislike him but Scott McCall from teen wolf plays him and I just like Scott so it's hard
BadSunsBandDaughter BadSunsBandDaughter Nov 30, 2016
This better not be foreshadowing 
                              Talkin bout " if it's the last thing ill do"
_jerryyy _jerryyy Dec 26, 2016
U and Justin just got new ppl so u guys can get ur minds off of each other sooooooooooo u guys won't feel pain anymore