Instincts [ Akabane Karma x OC ]

Instincts [ Akabane Karma x OC ]

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Utau By xxutau8xx Completed

I, Banno Eri, was born with dull eyes. No color ever in my sight. 

Over time, my eyesight started to gradually disappear which caused me to go blind. 

I continuously failed my classes because I couldn't see and was sent to the E-Class. 

There, I learned to rely on my instincts as we were sent on a mission to kill our teacher, Koro-sensei. 

One person that intrigued me most was Akabane Karma. 

Despite his exceptionally good grades, he had terrible behavior which piqued an interest in me....

[ I own my OC and plot. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu rightfully belongs to Yusei Matsui. ]

Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Nov 14, 2016
Is it brittle? Because I don't think it's physically and mentally possible to feel letters.... unless it is!!!! I'm gonna try it!
I don't think a 10 year old would be talking like this. But it's fine? Or am I messing up her age?
JudgementOfTheKit JudgementOfTheKit Aug 21, 2016
If I remember correctly, if your color blind then you can't see color like the others so like a regular person sees blue then the color blinded person sees purple.
Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Nov 14, 2016
I thought it was 110? Huh.......... I need more ¥....... Oh I need to go! My dad got me sushi!!!!🤓🤑
CoffinGorl CoffinGorl Jul 19, 2016
I am a St. John's volunteer and I can safely tell you the calls do NOT go like this at all. But,  for story purposes I'll go with it
KUUDERE093 KUUDERE093 Apr 04, 2016
Can I ask a question what's the real name of the anime in you're wallpaper as in the real anime 😅