Convincing Her (Ghost Bird Fan-Fic)

Convincing Her (Ghost Bird Fan-Fic)

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*Fan Fiction of C.L Stone's Ghost Bird Series All rights go to her.* 

The Academy is a secret organization for Nephilim. Half angels half humans that rid the mundane world of demons. They have the ultimate fighting skills, and some even have extra powers such as controlling the elements or the even the mind. For centuries there has been a line drawn between the Nephilim and the Demons they hunt. Until one Nephilim that goes by, Sorenson, was infected with demon blood and survived. 

Soon he became even more addicted and became something the shadow world has never seen. He is stronger, faster, and unpredictable. Since then he has began building an army of half Nephilim half Demon warriors, though it has never succeed except on one. His own daughter, Sang.. As his army starts to grow with the likes of demons the Academy is getting desperate. 

They send in their most powerful, unique team to destroy him. The Blackbourne Team. The only problem is they have no idea where he is at. With the odds against them, they look to the only person in the world that can help them find him, and kill him.

His daughter.  Can the team convince Sang to go against her own father?  Better yet, can Sang convince herself to help them, or will the demon inside her prevent it? 

Follow the story of Owen, Sean, Kota, Victor, Nathan, Silas, North, Gabriel, and Luke as they fight for their race, their legacy, and their one true love.

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l_deloya l_deloya Nov 13, 2016
Ummm... I'm pretty sure they're green but I'll go with for now. 😉
mccapsk mccapsk Dec 29, 2015
This sounds superb so far. Can't wait to get into this story!
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Dec 14, 2015
Oh, I wonder if they're going to get the shock of a lifetime! Can't wait to see! :D