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The Four of Us | Editing

The Four of Us | Editing

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Aubrey Parsons By AubreyParsons Updated Feb 14

#78 IN TEEN FICTION on 2/11/17

This story was started over two years ago, and I apologize in advance for the cliche, poorly written start. The grammar and writing style doesn't improve until close to the 30th chapter.


Skye Valkyrie has a secret. During the school hours, she stays hidden: good grades, never gets in trouble, casual clothing, the usual. No one noticed her, and that's the way she wanted to keep it.

After school was an entirely different story. Any time she was out of that dreaded building, she wore leather jackets, harbored secrets, started fights, vandalizing, pranks, parties, you name it.

She'd kept her extra activities well hidden, until a few guys from school happened to stumble into one of her pranks.

Cyrus, Tyler, and Jay decide to strike a deal with Skye. During school, nothing changes. They're the same to her and anyone else they come across, and she's still the same girl that no one notices. After school, that's another story.

There's one fault in this plan, and it's name is Ryder Williams. Ryder is the 'leader' of the four boys and hates Skye and anything to do with her. So, what happens when he finds out and his feelings for the loner start to change?

bak0io bak0io Feb 13, 2016
why is alex from target on the cast list...i dont like him but whatever its ur characters
AissatouSabara AissatouSabara Jul 04, 2016
Why can't I meet guys that look like this in my life😐😐
briska121 briska121 Nov 02, 2016
At the end of this paragraph it would say "What happens if I say no?"
ricerora ricerora Aug 26, 2016
Its a really good start and so far, the plot is AMAZING... Though a bit of productive criticism- I think it just happened too fast. I would have preferred it if there was some suspense built instead of the guys asking her straight away. But aside from that, I LOVE THIS
Crime0_0 Crime0_0 Jul 01, 2016
Umm, why is my brother in this picture????  He's the one without the shirt, so don't wanna see that btw
Sophialovestoread123 Sophialovestoread123 Dec 24, 2015
I think Ryder and Jay in real life is the same person cause they look the same